June 27, 2017

In accordance with Section 4.2 of this Plan, when the following projects are included in the total contributions payable to Council for a residential development they have approval from the Minister of Planning to exceed the residential developmental cap.


Project CodeDescriptionTypeContributionContribution Area
01ROAD2026Iron Bark Road Tapitallee upgrade (For 410ms from Illaroo Road)ET$ 21,917.3501  A
01ROAD2027Flannery Lane upgrade (For 850ms from Browns Mountain Road)ET$ 19,149.4201  A
01ROAD2028Browns Mountain Road upgrade (For 1km north of Flannery Lane)ET$ 22,622.3601  A
01ROAD2043Broger’s Creek Road gravel upgrade (For 4.9kms from Woodhill Mountain Road)ET$ 24,475.0701  A
01ROAD2045Wattamolla Road upgradeET$ 25,145.5501  A
01ROAD2053Kangaroo River Bridge (Gerringong Creek)ET$ 30,825.6601  A
01ROAD2090Parma Road gravel upgrade (For 2.28kms at Western End) ET$ 30,369.3301  A
01ROAD2128Riversdale Road upgrade (for 805ms from Illaroo Road)ET$ 26,372.2301  A
01ROAD2129Spotted Gum Drive upgrade (For 650ms from Illaroo Road)ET$ 17,167.5001  A
01ROAD3082Bugong Road gravel upgrade (For 8km from Illaroo Road)ET$ 20,616.8901  A
03ROAD2011Hart Road bitumen upgrade (Entire road length)ET$ 15,209.9301  A
03ROAD2013Sinclair Road Part 3 bitumen upgrade (For 500ms west of Hart Road)ET$ 15,986.0301  A
Count = 12    



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Plan Effective 23 March 2011 – As Amended (September 2014)