July 12, 2020

As detailed in Section 3.6 of this Plan, local community infrastructure is defined as community infrastructure to service land within a single Planning Area of the Shoalhaven LGA which may include key community infrastructure and additional community infrastructure. 

A map showing all planning areas in the City of Shoalhaven LGA is shown in Section 2.5 of this Plan.  This section also lists of the towns and villages which are located in the various planning areas.

A works schedule of contribution projects, including project delivery and timing for specific planning community infrastructure, is detailed in Section 3.17 of this Plan.

A list of all local community infrastructure contribution projects follows. To view more information on a project click on the project code.
Project CodeDescription
05AREC2004Planning Area 5 active recreation facility upgrades (various locations)1
05AREC3002Ulladulla Leisure Centre Indoor Swimming Pool (Green Street)0
Count = 2 
Project CodeDescription
05CARP3001Ulladulla car parking (19 Boree Street & 94-96 St Vincent Street)0
05CARP3002Milton car parking (84 Princes Highway)1
Count = 2 
Project CodeDescription
05CFAC0002Lake Conjola multi purpose community hall (Lake Conjola Entrance Road)0
05CFAC0006Kioloa / Bawley Point Community Hall (Murramarang Road, Kioloa)0
05CFAC0011Extension of Manyana Community Hall (Yulunga Drive)(Voluntary Planning Agreement for specific properties)0
05CFAC2010Southern Shoalhaven Branch Library (Ulladulla Town Centre precinct)1
Count = 4 
Project CodeDescription
05DRAI2005New Street drainage pipeline (Entire street length)0
Count = 1 
Project CodeDescription
Count =  
Project CodeDescription
05OREC0004Land acquisition for passive open space (Berringer Road, Manyana - no specific area within development site / contribution area determined)0
05OREC0007Land acquisition for passive open space (Lake Conjola Entrance Road, Killarney / Conjola Park)0
05OREC0017Land acquisition for passive open space (Dolphin Point Road, Dolphin Point)0
05OREC0018Manyana Foreshore facilities upgrade (Voluntary Planning Agreement for specific properties)0
Count = 4 
Project CodeDescription
05ROAD0063Construction of roundabout, internal roundabout and link road at Dolphin Point (Princes Highway to Dolphin Point Road)0
05ROAD0068Bendalong Road and Inyadda Drive upgrade (Voluntary Planning Agreement for specific properties)0
05ROAD0069Bendalong Road and Inyadda Drive intersection upgrade (Voluntary Planning Agreement for specific properties)0
05ROAD2001Bishop Drive (Matron Porter Drive to Princes Highway)7
05ROAD2003Ocean Street / Maisie Williams Drive/ Ilett Street roundabout0
05ROAD2007Kings Point Drive (For 2kms from Princes Highway)8
05ROAD2010Shepherd Street & Golf Road intersection upgrade / south side of Shepherd Street upgrade0
05ROAD2020Bendalong Road (For 8.3kms from intersection) / Inyadda Drive upgrade (For 1.2kms from intersection)0
05ROAD2021Woodstock Road upgrade (From Croobyar Road for 2.2kms south to BMG Quarry)10
05ROAD2022Cunjurong Point Road upgrade (For 360ms from Berringer Road)0
05ROAD2026Little Forest Road upgrade (500ms east of Coral Tree Lane) 0
05ROAD2028Garrads Lane upgrade (For 1.2kms north from Matron Porter Drive)0
05ROAD2029Garrads Lane upgrade (For 430ms south of Matron Porter Drive)0
05ROAD2030Croobyar Road upgrade (Pinces Highway to Corks Lane)5
05ROAD2032Croobyar Road upgrade (For 600ms south from Ringland Lane)(rural road)12
05ROAD2035Hobbs Lane gravel upgrade (rural road)0
05ROAD2036Croobyar Road upgrade (From 3.7kms from Woodstock Road for 1.4kms)6
05ROAD2037Mimosa Park Road gravel upgrade (rural road)0
05ROAD2038Wheelbarrow Road upgrade (rural road)0
05ROAD2039Woodstock Road upgrade (1.2kms north of Wheelbarrow Road) (rural road)0
05ROAD2040Woodburn Road upgrade (Wheelbarrow to Clyde Ridge Road)0
05ROAD2041Woodburn Road gravel upgrade (Clyde Ridge to Monkey Mountain Road)0
05ROAD2042Brooman Road gravel upgrade (Monkey Mountain to Middle Ridge Road)0
05ROAD2043The River Road gravel upgrade (Middle Ridge Road to The Sheep Track)18
05ROAD2045Monkey Mountain Road gravel upgrade (5.5kms from Princes Highway)1
05ROAD2047Murramarang Road upgrade (Various locations between Princes Highway to Willinga Lake) 0
05ROAD2048Murramarang Road upgrade (Kioloa Bridge)0
05ROAD2058Corks Lane (Princes Highway link road and associated works)13
05ROAD2061Matron Porter Drive (Princes Highway to Leo Drive)21
05ROAD2062Little Forest Road upgrade (For 340m from Princes Highway)15
05ROAD3008St Vincent Street extensions to Princes Highway & roundabout 16
Count = 31 



Plan Effective 23 March 2011 – As Amended (September 2014)