July 12, 2020

As detailed in Section 3.6 of this Plan, local community infrastructure is defined as community infrastructure to service land within a single Planning Area of the Shoalhaven LGA which may include key community infrastructure and additional community infrastructure. 

A map showing all planning areas in the City of Shoalhaven LGA is shown in Section 2.5 of this Plan.  This section also lists of the towns and villages which are located in the various planning areas.

A works schedule of contribution projects, including project delivery and timing for specific planning community infrastructure, is detailed in Section 3.17 of this Plan.

A list of all local community infrastructure contribution projects follows. To view more information on a project click on the project code.

Project CodeDescription
03AREC2004Planning Area 3 active recreation facility upgrades (various locations)1
03AREC3003Bay and Basin Leisure Centre (The Wool Road, Vincentia)0
Count = 2 
Project CodeDescription
03CARP0004St Georges Basin Village Centre car parking (Island Point Road)0
03CARP2002Huskisson car parking (Owen Street & Huskisson Central Business Area)2
03CARP3001Sanctuary Point car parking (Kerry Street)1
Count = 3 
Project CodeDescription
03CFAC0002Sanctuary Point/Old Erowal Bay Community Hall (Paradise Beach Road)0
03CFAC3001Bay & Basin Community Centre and Branch Library1
Count = 2 
Project CodeDescription
03DRAI2001St Georges Basin Village Centre Drainage1
Count = 1 
Project CodeDescription
03OREC0009Land acquisition for passive open space (Pine Forest Road)0
03OREC0011Land acquisition for passive open space (Vincentia Expansion Area - no specific area within development site / contribution area determined)0
03OREC0012Land acquisition for passive open space (St Georges Basin Village Centre Green)0
Count = 3 


Project CodeDescription
03ROAD0055Northern Section of Currambene Street0
03ROAD0057Currambene Street Service Lane0
03ROAD0059Field Street Turning Circle0
03ROAD0060Kent Lane22
03ROAD0061Winnima Lane23
03ROAD0062Unnamed Lane (Huskisson)24
03ROAD0114Windley Road upgrade (For 880ms north of 200 from Wandean Road)7
03ROAD0115Sydney/Bowen Streets construction (From Owen to Hawke Streets)9
03ROAD2001Dowling Street gravel upgrade (For 300ms from Old Princes Highway)4
03ROAD2011Hart Road bitumen upgrade (Entire road length)5
03ROAD2013Sinclair Road Part 3 bitumen upgrade (For 500ms west of Hart Road)8
03ROAD2014Sinclair Road upgrade Parts 1 & 2 (Princes Highway to Hart Road) 0
03ROAD2016Port Jervis Estate upgrade and seal (Evelyn Rd, Parnell Rd, Cambourne Rd & Hill St)2
03ROAD2019Tasman Park Estate gravel upgrade (The Wool Rd, The Basin Road & Island Point Rd)0
03ROAD2022Grange Road upgrade from The Wool Road0
03ROAD2023St. Georges Basin Village access road and traffic facilities3
03ROAD2024The Wool Road - vertical curve (for 200ms from Atherton to Mathie Sreets)10
03ROAD2025Basin View Estate gravel upgrade (Sections of Reserve Road, Waterpark, Clarendon Cresent & Riverside Esplanade South)0
03ROAD2028Wandean Road upgrade (For 2.05km from Princes Highway)6
03ROAD2112Anson Street Extension (St Georges Basin)1
03ROAD2113St Georges Basin Village Centre Service Lane (Village Access Road to Island Point Road)0
03ROAD3021The Wool Road Bypass0
03ROAD3053The Wool Lane bypass (St Georges Basin to Anson Street)0
Count = 23 



Plan Effective 23 March 2011 – As Amended (September 2014)