July 12, 2020

As detailed in Section 3.6 of this Plan, local community infrastructure is defined as community infrastructure to service land within a single Planning Area of the Shoalhaven LGA which may include key community infrastructure and additional community infrastructure. 

A map showing all planning areas in the City of Shoalhaven LGA is shown in Section 2.5 of this Plan.  This section also lists of the towns and villages which are located in the various planning areas.

A works schedule of contribution projects, including project delivery and timing for specific planning community infrastructure, is detailed in Section 3.17 of this Plan.

A list of all local community infrastructure contribution projects follows. To view more information on a project click on the project code.

Project CodeDescription
01AREC2006Northern Shoalhaven Sports Stadium (Cambewarra Road)3
01AREC2008Planning Area 1 - Active recreation facility upgrades (various locations)1
01AREC3007Nowra Swimming Pool Expansion (Scenic Drive)2
Count = 3 
Project CodeDescription
01CARP2002Berry Town Centre Car Parking (Queen Street)2
01CARP3001Nowra car parking (Egans Lane, 8 Lawrence Ave, Collins Way, Bridge Road, Lamonds Lane, 9 Haigh Avenue & 67 Kinghorne Street)3
01CARP3003Bomaderry car parking (42-44 Coomea Street)0
01CARP3004Kangaroo Valley car parking (169 Moss Vale Road)1
Count = 4 
Project CodeDescription
01CFAC0002North Nowra Community Centre (Hood Close)0
01CFAC0005Worrigee Community Centre (Cnr Greenwell Point & Clipper Roads)1
01CFAC0013Berry Gardens Neighbourhood Community Centre (No specific area within development site / contribution area determined)3
01CFAC0014Mundamia URA Community/Childcare Centre0
01CFAC2003Nowra Community Centre (Nowra Town Centre precinct)2
01CFAC2012Nowra Integrated Youth Services Centre (Cnr Kinghorne & Plunkett Streets)0
01CFAC3007West Nowra Community Meeting Room (Cavanahs Lane)4
Count = 7 
Project CodeDescription
01DRAI0005Hillcrest Avenue Drainage (Hillcrest Avenue)0
01DRAI0006Moss Vale Road South URA Drainage1
01DRAI2003Illaroo Road Drainage (Judith Drive)2
Count = 3 
Project CodeDescription
01OREC0009Land acquisition for passive open space (Princes Highway, Berry)0
01OREC0011Land acquisition for passive open space (Falcon Crescent, North Nowra - no specific area within development site / contribution area determined)0
01OREC0013Land acquisition for passive open space (Old Southern Road, Worrigee) 0
01OREC0014Mundamia URA - Central Open Space0
01OREC0015Moss Vale Road South URA Passive Recreation1
Count = 5 
Project CodeDescription
01ROAD0109Burrier and Yalwal Road gravel upgrade (Burrier Quarry to West Nowra Recycling and Waste Depot access road) related to quarry works0
01ROAD0142Yalwal Road upgrade (George Evans Road to Cabbage Tree Lane)18
01ROAD0145Mundamia URA Access Roads 0
01ROAD0146Mundamia URA Shared Cycle/Pathway - George Evans Road0
01ROAD0149Mundamia URA George Evans and Yalwal Road Intersection Upgrade0
01ROAD0150Roundabouts - Yalwal Road/Rannoch Drive and Yalwal Road/Lightwood Drive0
01ROAD0152Traffic signals and associated works at intersection of Albatross / Yalwal Roads.0
01ROAD0153Worrigee URA (Road Widening)0
01ROAD0154Moss Vale Road South URA Roads1
01ROAD2007Beach & Tannery Road upgrade (Entire road length)8
01ROAD2025Lilly Pilly Lane upgrade (Entire road length)9
01ROAD2026Iron Bark Road Tapitallee upgrade (For 410ms from Illaroo Road)4
01ROAD2027Flannery Lane upgrade (For 850ms from Browns Mountain Road)5
01ROAD2028Browns Mountain Road upgrade (For 1km north of Flannery Lane)2
01ROAD2038Old Southern Road upgrade (For 1km south from Quinns Lane)20
01ROAD2039Old Southern Road/Quinn’s Lane intersection roundabout30
01ROAD2040Quinn’s Lane upgrade10
01ROAD2042Broughton Vale Road gravel upgrade (For 2.3km north from Boundary Road)1
01ROAD2043Broger’s Creek Road gravel upgrade (For 4.9kms from Woodhill Mountain Road)11
01ROAD2045Wattamolla Road upgrade6
01ROAD2049Woodhill Mountain Road upgrade (Host’s Bridge for 1km north)0
01ROAD2053Kangaroo River Bridge (Gerringong Creek)0
01ROAD2054Gerringong Creek Road gravel upgrade (For 1.5kms from Upper Kangaroo River Road)0
01ROAD2064Upper Kangaroo River Road upgrade0
01ROAD2067Jacks Corner Road gravel upgrade (For 1.3km from Bendeela Road)0
01ROAD2071Carter’s Road gravel upgrade (For 800ms from Moss Vale Road)16
01ROAD2074Illaroo Road upgrade (Bingarra Lane to Bangalee Road)13
01ROAD2075Illaroo Road upgrade (for 300m west of Tapitallee Road)0
01ROAD2080Bundanon / Illaroo Road gravel upgrade (for 2.25kms from Bugong Road)37
01ROAD2083Cabbage Tree Lane upgrade0
01ROAD2090Parma Road gravel upgrade (For 2.28kms at Western End) 28
01ROAD2091Parma Road upgrade (For 2.150kms at Eastern End - 2.1km from Princes Highway) 21
01ROAD2093Beinda/Brinawarr Streets (Right hand turn lane)17
01ROAD2096Pyree Lane & Culburra Road upgrade (various locations)0
01ROAD2099Greenwell Point Road upgrade (various locations)0
01ROAD2100Greenwell Point Road upgrade (Berrellan to Jervis Streets)0
01ROAD2101North Nowra Link Road (construct road, bridge and traffic facilities)3
01ROAD2120Judith Drive/Page Avenue roundabout0
01ROAD2128Riversdale Road upgrade (for 805ms from Illaroo Road)33
01ROAD2129Spotted Gum Drive upgrade (For 650ms from Illaroo Road)34
01ROAD2131Illaroo Road upgrade (Bugong to Riversdale Roads)0
01ROAD2132Illaroo Road upgrade (Browns Mountain to Bugong Road)22
01ROAD2133Beach and Tannery Road upgrade (road and bridge) related to quarry works0
01ROAD2137Boston Road upgrade (entire road length)0
01ROAD2143Quinns Lane/Browns Road - link road25
01ROAD2144Internal Access Road (adjoining HiIlcrest Avenue)27
01ROAD3073Emery’s Road gravel upgrade 0
01ROAD3082Bugong Road gravel upgrade (For 8km from Illaroo Road)32
01ROAD3102Princes Highway - South Nowra (kerb/gutter & acceleration/deceleration lane)14
01ROAD3103Service Road Western Side of Highway, South Nowra (between Jellicoe Street and Central Ave)99
01ROAD3104Quinns/Old Southern Link (internal service road)15
01ROAD3105Quinns/Old Southern Link (construct drainage for internal service road)7
01ROAD3124Moss Street/ Brereton Street roundabout35
Count = 53 



Plan Effective 23 March 2011 – As Amended (September 2014)