July 12, 2020
As detailed in Section 3.6 of this Plan, District community infrastructure is defined as community infrastructure to serve two or more planning areas of the Shoalhaven LGA which may include key community infrastructure and additional community infrastructure.

A map showing all planning areas in the City of Shoalhaven LGA is shown in Section 2.5 of this Plan.  This section also lists of the towns and villages which are located in the various planning areas.

A works schedule of contribution projects, including project delivery and timing for specific planning community infrastructure, is detailed in Section 3.17 of this Plan.

A list of all district community infrastructure contribution projects follows.
Project CodeDescription
CWAREC2004Synthetic Hockey Field Facility (Bernie Regan Sporting Complex, North Nowra)1
Count = 1 
Project CodeDescription
CWCFAC0003Shoalhaven City Arts Centre (Berry Sreet, Nowra)0
CWCFAC0004Shoalhaven Mobile Children’s Services (Park Road, Worrigee)2
CWCFAC0005Shoalhaven Multimedia and Music Centre (Berry Street, Nowra)0
CWCFAC0006Shoalhaven City Library Extensions (Berry Street, Nowra)1
CWCFAC2002Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre (Bridge Road, Nowra)0
MACFAC2002Northern Shoalhaven District Community Transport & Family Services (Park Road, Worrigee)0
MACFAC4001Northern Shoalhaven District Integrated Children’s Services (Nowra Central Business District)2
Count = 7 
Project CodeDescription
CWFIRE2001Rural Fire and Emergency Service Plant and Equipment (various locations)0
CWFIRE2002Shoalhaven Fire Control Centre (Albatross Road, Nowra)0
Count = 2 
Project CodeDescription
CWMGMT3001Contributions management & administration0
Count = 1 
Project CodeDescription
CWOREC2001City wide district and icon parks and regional walking tracks – upgrade and embellishment (various locations)1
Count = 1 



Plan Effective 23 March 2011 – As Amended (September 2014)