July 12, 2020

 The Shoalhaven Contributions Plan 2010 was repealed on 29 May 2019 and has been replaced by the Shoalhaven Contributions Plan 2019, which can be found at: https://cp.shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au/

This website is an archive copy of the Contributions Plan 2010.  Information contained in this website is correct as at 28 May 2019 and should not be relied upon after this date for any information relating to current contributions rates and projects.


The Shoalhaven Contributions Plan 2010 (the Plan) allows Shoalhaven City Council (Council) (or an accredited certifier) to levy contributions on development consents (or complying development certificates) issued for land within the City of Shoalhaven.  These contributions are collected and then applied to provide community infrastructure or additional infrastructure to meet demand created by this development.

Development that increases the demand for community infrastructure in the Shoalhaven Local Government Area (LGA) will, in accordance with this Plan, be levied contributions toward the cost of providing such infrastructure. 
Those most interested in this Plan are therefore likely to be owners and developers of land in the Shoalhaven LGA that will be required to make a contribution under this Plan.
The plan and this website contain many details concerning the infrastructure and contribution requirements on development.
A preliminary estimate for monetary contributions for a proposed development can be obtained by using the "Contributions Calculator" page.
A description of what is contained on other pages is shown below.

Part 1 - Sections

  1. Preamble – includes the essential details of the Plan.
  2. Scope – describes what the Plan is for and how it applies to development in Shoalhaven LGA.
  3. Infrastructure demands and contribution projects – describes development and population growth, the infrastructure requirements related to that growth and the determination of reasonable contributions for those projects.
  4. Administration – describes how this Plan is applied and managed.
  5. Definitions – describes terms used in this Plan.
  6. Amendments – lists the various amendments to this Plan.
Part 2 - Schedules
  1. District contribution projects – describes the details for such projects.
  2. Local contribution projects – describes the details for such projects.
  3. Old subdivision properties – which require payment of contributions upon Development Consent.
  4. Contribution project rates – describes the project rates covered by this Plan.
  5. Development types and land use terms – relationship with definitions used in this Plan.
  6. Land acquisition estimates – identified in this Plan.
  7. Past indexation rates – summary of past rates.
  8. Projects exempt from residential cap – identified in this Plan.
  9. Inactive projects – identified in this Plan.
Part 3 - Supporting Information

The document contains information informing the preparation of this Plan and other documentation that forms part of Council’s development contributions management system (i.e. Development Control Plans and Council Policies). 

Other Website Information

The website  also contains other pages that are relevant for interpreting this Plan, being:

  • Project Search:  Allows a quick option to search for current individual contribution project details while also listing the full list of current projects.
  • Contributions Calculator:  Allows contributions to be estimated for an individual property.
  • Disclaimer:  Alerts users to the fact while every effort has been made to provide accurate information, the final contributions payable to Council are determined at Development Assessment.
  • Disclosure:  Highlights the need in some circumstances for individuals or companies to disclose relevant political donations.
  • Printing:  Details how specific information that may be contained on the page of this Plan can be printed.

A USB copy of the full Plan which is shown on this website can be obtained at Council’s City Administration Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra and the Southern District Office, Deering Street, Ulladulla.

For further information on this Plan, please send an email “Attention Contributions Staff” to council@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au or telephone 4429 3111.
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Plan Effective 23 March 2011 – As Amended (September 2014)