March 21, 2019
This Contributions Calculator will provide you with a preliminary estimate of contributions required under this Plan in relation to a specific land parcel. Estimates are then checked and finalised by Council staff or accredited certifier upon lodgement of a Development Application or Complying Development Certificate. 
Please note that calculator is unable to estimate contributions for: 
Multiple land parcels
In such circumstances, use the calculator to ensure that contribution projects apply evenly across all land parcels and then apply and calculate the whole proposed development (i.e. total ETs) on one of the land parcels.
Mixed residential and non-residential developments
In such circumstances, use the calculator to make separate estimates for both the residential and non-residential portions of the proposed development.
Car parking requirements
As detailed in Section 3.11 of the Contributions Plan, refer to Council’s Development Control Plan No. 18 (DCP 18) - Car Parking Code (Car Parking Code).
For further information on the Equivalent Tenement (ET) rate applied to each individual development type and the relevant community infrastructure levied see Section 3.11 of the Contributions Plan.  Further information on this calculator is also detailed in Section 1.4  of the Contributions Plan.
How to use the Calculator
Step 1
Enter the Street address or Lot and DP of the land parcel into the designated area.
This will generate a list of contribution projects that apply directly to the land parcel.
Step 2
Select “Calculate ET’s” from above the project list.
Step 3
Follow the prompts for Residential or Non Residential development.
For Residential Development (including subdivision), you will be required to enter in the proposed number of lots / dwellings as well as the existing number of lots / dwellings.  For medium density development, you will be required to enter in the number of dwellings categorised by number of bedrooms i.e. 3 x 3 bedroom units, 1 x 2 bedroom units, etc.
For Non Residential Development, you will be required to enter in the total area of the development in m2.  This may include a variety of Non Residential land uses.  The calculator will generate the total number of ETs.  Please note that for Industrial Development, the total area to be entered in includes car parking and landscaped areas.
Step 4
Select “Return Calculation”.
This will return the total ET’s to the proposed project list and provide a contributions estimate.
Note: Estimates of development contributions using Council’s website are indicative only and Council does not take responsibility for any assumptions based on this inquiry information.



Plan Effective 23 March 2011 – As Amended (September 2014)